Monday, 25 July 2016

365 Lolita Lifestyle Challenge- Week 27

Day 183- Show How Your Wardrobe has Changed in the Last Six Months

It hasn't really changed that much. I've added more accessories and a couple of new dresses and that's it.

Day 184- Write a List of 5 Things You Feel Would Improve Your Wardrobe

1) More shoes.
2) More Blouses
3) A lolita-appropriate bag
4) More cardigans/boleros
5) A decent quality coat

Day 185- Read a Meet Up Post From an EGL Community in a Different Country

I forgot to do this one xD

Day 186- Share Your Favourite Lolita Hairstyle

I really like just simple curls. I'm not very good at styling my hair because it's annoyingly fine, but a head of curls always looks very lolita.

Day 187- Wear Your Favourite Lotion Before Bed

I don't currently have any of my favourite lotion- Frangipani Monoi Oil from Elemis is solid at room temperature, but I you leave it in some hot water it turns into the most divine smelling oil which leaves your body feeling soft and warm. It's pretty expensive so I only get it as a birthday/ Christmas present. I'm currently using a lovely orchid scented body lotion :)

Day 188- Unwind before bed with some light reading

I do this every day!

Day 189- Learn the Victorian language of flowers

This website is super detailed!

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