Wednesday, 6 July 2016

365 Lolita Lifestyle Challenge- Week 25

Day 168- Share your Favourite Local Shop

I couldn't pick just one, so I've divided them into categories:

Books- Calton Books. They stock books on socialism, anti-fascism, Irish history, feminism, slavery, Scottish Independence, Trade Unions, austerity, internet activism and more. They also sell tshirts, badges, cds, scarves and hoodies. I've read so many fascinating books and learned a lot about my people's history as a Scots-Irish Catholic. It also helps that I'm a socialist and a feminist. So for fellow left-wingers, get down to 159 London Road, or check out their website here

Music- Love Music, 34 Dundas Street. They are crammed floor to ceiling with vinyl & CDs. They offer all kinds of genres, including; Punk, Classic Rock, Indie, Metal, Americana, Roots, Soul, Hip Hop, Jazz, Reggae, Blues, Electronica & Dance, Soundtracks, World Music, Audio Books and Comedy. Pretty much the only things they won't stock are pop, techno, classical or easy listening. They'll also buy your old vinyl & CDs if they're in good condition.

Tea- Tchai Ovna, 42 Otago Lane. It is primarily a tea room which offers exclusively vegetarian and
vegan food. I'm not veggie or vegan and I adore their food. They also sell some of their teas in pouches to take away and some cute tea wares. The interior is so cozy and comfy, it's a perfect hide-out from the Scottish weather.

Alcohol- Valhalla's Goat, 449 Great Western Road. This one wins for it's fantastic name! They stock
a huge range of craft beers, wines, ciders, whiskys and other spirits. The staff are really helpful and they offer a couple of tasters of wines on Tuesdays and beers on Wednesdays

Food- Roots, Fruits and Flowers, 451-457 Great Western Road. They stock seasonal fruit and veg and the owner, Gareth, is very keen to share his knowledge and tips on fruit, veg & cooking. They also have a wholefoods section which is full of different snacks, preserves, meats, poultry, dairy, vegetarian and vegan alternatives, breads, and more. They are environmentally and ethically conscious in choosing what they stock and they have a good selection of gluten-free products for any ceoliacs out there and dairy-free products. The deli counter is to die for! Finally, they also sell plants bouquets of flowers. Whilst they can be quite pricey, they are stunning.

Special Mention- The Barras, Gallowgate. It's a huge market where people sell everything and anything!

Day 169- Doodle and Label Your Top 5 Favourite Desserts

This was very difficult to narrow down to 5!

1) Cheesecake because there are so many good flavours and you can make it sweeter with say, mint chocolate flavour, or less with salted caramel. Or you can make it fruity! And it tastes good with cream, ice cream or custard!

2) Pies. Again, because there's so many flavours and they pair well with cream, ice cream and custard! <3

3) Cranachan <3

4) Rice pudding with cinnamon <3

5) Ginger Cake <3

Day  170- Write 10 Meet Up Theme Ideas

I don't really like to host themed meets in case someone in the comm doesn't have anything that fits, but they can or fun of they're non-compulsory or if most/all of the comm can participate!

1) Opposites Attract for a Valentine's meet up. Pair up sweets with goths, classics with punks, aristocrats with oujis, pirates with sailors, guros with nurses, you get the idea :P

2) Obscure Substyles- anything that isn't one of the main 3. This could be a theme for any type of meet up.

3) Winter Wonderland for December/January meets. Ice/snow queens/kings/person, Christmas prints, snowy prints and wintery animal prints, greens, reds and golds, whites, blues and silvers.

4) Nautical for seaside/boat/aquarium meets. Pirate & sailor are the obvious choices, but you could also wear mermaid prints, marine/freshwater animal prints or boat/ship prints.

5) Spring/ Easter theme. Bunny/chick/lamb prints, florals, or solid pieces with animal ears, light summery colours, country lolita, etc. Or you could go down the religious route and wear some sort of religious print

6) Ita theme could be funny for April Fool's day.

7) Constellation/Sky theme would be fun for an observatory or science centre meet up.

8) Guro theme for Halloween!

9) Masquerade. Wear your fanciest coord, Rocco influenced solid pieces would be perfect. And a Venetian mask of course! This would be fun for Halloween or for dancing (either ballroom or dancing in a hired room in a bar/club or at karaoke for the modern folk :P)

10) Fairy Tale theme. There are lots of prints based on different fairy tales, or you could design a coord based around a specific character. This would be nice for meets at parks and gardens, or to certain museums (like the museum of childhood or the writer's museum, both in Edinburgh).

Day 172- Polish your Vocabulary

What does this mean? Learn new words? Checking to see if you're pronouncing words correctly? practice a posh accent?

Day 173- Watch a Time Lapse of a Painting Being Made

My friend Gravelvet has an art channel on YouTube where they put up videos making artworks <3

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