Monday, 25 July 2016

365 Lolita Lifestyle Challenge- Week 23

Day 156- Listen to an Old Favourite Song

There are far too many excellent songs for me to ever really have favourites! But I spent the day listening to my "epic songs" playlist which i suppose could count as my favourites (it's over 500 songs long xD).

Day 157- Photograph the Dress that you have worn the Most

Again, that would be my oldest piece, because it's my oldest one and because I wear it on nights out and it's the only non-print dress that I own so can wear lolita more casually.

Day 158- Take a Different Path than you Usually Do

No. This is not a good idea for someone with anxiety.

Day 159- Come up with Three New Lolita Holidays

1) International Gothic Lolita Day
2) International Obscure Substyle Day
3) International Ouiji Day

Day 160- Share 5 Facts About Your Lolita Wardrobe

1) It is entirely gothic
2) I have 16 main pieces
3) I don't own a lolita bag
4) It is a mixture of brand, indie brands and offbrand
5) I am going to collect stained glass prints

Day 161- Draw A Sweet Print Based off a Generated Name

Ugh. There hasn't been enough goth love in these challenges! These specific design a coord/ draw a print type ones have mostly favoured the sweets!

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