Wednesday, 20 July 2016

365 Lolita Lifestyle Challenge- Week 20

Day 135- Share a Lolita trend you couldn’t get into

Nun Lolita. I’m a religious person and I don’t like nun lolita, because nuns take a vow of poverty and renouncing vanity, so basing a fashion which is all about vanity and looking expensive around their clothing doesn’t sit well with me.

Day 136- Write about your ideal Lolita interior

My dream is to buy an old disued church with stained glass windows and to restore and convert it into a home. I would have a grand spiral staircase leading up to the second floor, which I would probably have as a mezzanine so as to keep the number of windows 'cut in half' to a minimum. It would have stunning dark wooden floors and arched doorways. The interior design would be elegant gothic.

Day 137- Share your favourite historical era

I'm really interested in history and my favourite books are historical fictions that are based on real people/events. I don't have a favourite era though. 

Day 138- Take out an unloved dress

I love all of my dresses! <3

Day 139- Find a new spot in your town for a Lolita meet-up

Image from
To celebrate finishing my exams, my great aunty treated me to lunch at Cup and Saucer, a cute little café on Cresswell Lane that I had no idea existed! It’s rather small, but full of 1940’s-60’s décor, including an old tv, (working) radio, fireplace, heater, magazines, posters, tea wares and nick nacks. 

My great aunty discovered this place recently when the usual place that she’s go for lunch with gran was full up, so they had a wander around to find somewhere else. They both loved the place because all the décor reminded them of their childhood and the food was good. 

I love it too; I think it would be super cute for a meet up. It’s owned and run by one woman who styles her hair in 1940’s looks and she wears cute retro aprons. She’s really lovely and the food is delicious. I had lentil soup with crusty bread, and a slice of white chocolate and cranberry tiffin. There are also sandwiches, paninis, toasties and afternoon tea. There is a pretty good selection of loose leaf tea too! Everything is made by the lady. There is also a vintage shop right next door, so I think it’d be great to have a meet up at the café and then browse through the vintage shop.

Day 140- photograph a unique accessory you own

This is my circlet that I bought from Elvenstar Design. I wore it for the first time when I went to see Swan Lake at the Theatre Royal with my friend.

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