Monday, 18 July 2016

365 Lolita Lifestyle Challenge- Week 17

Day 113- Doodle your ideal Lolita storefront

My ideal lolita shop front would of course be a gothic shop with stained glass windows! I'd also love a big dark wooden arching door. The shop name would be in a pretty gothic font, but my drawing skills and amount of free time at the moment weren't really sufficient to do a proper drawing.

Day 114- turn off all media during dinner

We never have any media on during dinner. Dinner is family time where we eat around the table and chat with each other.

Day 115- Pick out a fresh nail design

I love nail polish, but I don't wear it often because my work doesn't allow it. I love these ideas from buzzfeed for easy nail designs that don't require much skill.

Day 116- Design a coordinate based on a dessert

This one was quite difficult, but I made a coord based on red velvet cake. I pretty much just focused on the colours of the cake and I've opted for a lot of velvet!

Day 117- Look through photographs from before your time

For a birthday present for my mum one year, the family made a photo album with a lot of photos from when she was little up to the year we gave it to her. It was really nice to see how fashion has changed and kinda spooky to see how much I look like her at every stage in life so far!

Day 118- Give yourself a small indulgence

I like the look of Lush’s rose toner tabs, but they’re quite expensive (£2.50 each). But I’ve worked damn hard this year and I still have a way to go, and I know the stress of the final exams is going to wreak havoc on my skin, so I bought myself some.

Day 119- Wear something in your favourite colour

My favourite colour is purple, so I wore a purple freshwater pearl necklace.

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