Monday, 18 July 2016

365 Lolita Lifestyle Challenge- Week 16

Day 106- write why you love your favourite brand

My favourite band has always been Green Day. I adore their music and their music videos. I love that they're punk at their core, but are unafraid to experiment with different genres. The emotion in the music and in Billie Joe's voice, whether that's anger, sorrow or joy is so powerful. I've seen them in concert and they have so much energy! The productions are always huge, with water guns to cool down those in the standing, cannons to shoot tshirst out to those in the seats, confetti, amazing lighting and videos and pyrotechnics. My favourite thing about their live perfomances is their audience interactions. The majority of bands and singers I've been to see just sing their set & leave. Sometimes they'll just shout "hello Glasgow!" a few times. But Billie Joe grabs people to bring on stage to sing with him, to stage dive & to be the 'sacrifice' in East Jesus Nowhere. He dances around as a drunk pink bunny whilst we're waiting for the transition between the support acts and them, he gets the crowd to sing along with him & scream "hey ho" and he blethers away to us, teases us with build ups to songs and demands that we jump and scream and dance as much as he does. The sheer energy through a 3 hour set is phenomenal.

Day 107- submit a Lolita valentine for someone in your country

Day 108- mend a clothing item

I sewed on a button that had popped off my AP Mallorca Cut-Sewn OP.

Day 109- Take a book with you

This is something that I have always done. I travel on the bus a lot, which isn’t particularly pleasant in Glasgow, particularly with anxiety, so engrossing myself in a book helps to distract myself.

Day 110- find something to enjoy in a task you hate

There aren’t really any household tasks that I hate doing. I quite like cleaning and tidying. It makes me feel like I’m being productive and I like my space to be clean and organised. It’s also a great excuse to sing and dance along to some music!

I do however hate public transport. I hate needing to get the bus to & from uni and the town almost every day. The buses do not stick to the timetables, they’re too cold in winter and too hot in summer, they’re uncomfortable and expensive, I get anxious if it gets busy or if it runs late and I’ve had many unpleasant experiences on the bus.

For example, I had my bus stopped by six policemen who searched the bus and hauled two passengers off to search them for stolen goods. In the same week, two raging alkies sat behind me and had a huge argument, which ended with the woman pouring her Buckfast over the guy; splashes ricocheting onto the back of my head and it created a pool of vile-smelling fortified wine around my feet. The bus and I stank and it was another 20 minutes before my stop.

Reading a book helps make bus journeys more bearable when there aren’t troublesome passengers.

Day 111- Photograph an item that carries special memories

This photo album was hand-made in Costa Rica and contains a selection of photos from my month volunteering and traveling in the country three years ago. It was the first time I'd ever travelled outside of Europe and the first time I went abroad without my family (save for a high school trip to Paris, but we had lots of teachers with us). It was an amazing experience helping scientists to collect data on sea turtles and learning about the country's culture and history.

Day 112- Share a piece of Lolita advice

Don't neglect the basics! Build yourself a solid wardrobe of blouses, accessories, shoes and cardigans/boleros. You will get bored of only having a couple of different ways to wear each dress. I always get so excited over dresses that I neglected the rest of my wardrobe for the first three years. I realised I was coording all of my dresses in the same few ways and it was so boring that I never felt like taking photos and it got to the point where it wasn't that exciting to wear lolita any more, That all changed when I bought myself some new shoes, blouses and hair accessories! 

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