Friday, 15 July 2016

365 Lolita Lifestyle Challenge- Week 15

Day 99- Wear something with a bow

I wore this cute hair bow today

Day 100- Learn some photography basics

One of my hobbies is amateur wildlife photography. I learned a lot about natural history photography from The Wildlife Photography Workshop by Ross Hoddinott. I would strongly recommend it for anyone with a similar interest because it covers the jargon of the different digital camera functions and photoshop, the best lens types to use for each animal group, how to make the best of different weather conditions, compositions and more in a clear and concise manner.

Day 101- Photograph something you drew

I drew these calla lilies with chalk on black paper years ago for my standard grade art class. It was my favourite piece from the light and shade unit. Pretty much all of my 3rd year art work was different flowers because they are my favourite things to draw. <3

Day 102- Create a wishlist of flowers that you would plant in your garden

Bleeding Hearts
Black Hollyhock
Stargazer Lilies
Calla Lililes
Peacock Lilies
Sword Lilies
Water Lilies
Queen Anne's Lace
Double Ellens

Day 103- recommend a movie to a friend

I recommended Dr. Terror's House of Horror's to one of my friends who is a big fan of Christopher Lee and he hasn't seen it yet. It's periodically on the horror channel so he probably won't have long to wait until it's showing again.

Day 104- design a coordinate based on your newest dress

My Holy Lantern OP was dispatched a couple of days ago! My first coord with it will be this:

Day 105- share the dress you currently covet

I currently covet Haenuli’s Glass of St Giles OP with the chest motif. It’s gorgeous! I mean, just look at it!

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