Friday, 15 July 2016

365 Lolita Lifestyle Challenge- Week 14

Day 92- browse through the egl livejournal memories

I browsed through my comm's old egl page. It hasn't been updated since 2012 when the comm moved over to Facebook. It was really nice to see who are still members, people I recognise but are no longer in the comm for whatever reason, and to see the old meets.

Day 93- Learn a new drink recipe

I'm rather partial to a cocktail or two, so I decided to do my own spin on the classic White Russian. I present: The Green Russian! It's simply 1tsp matcha, 50ml vodka, 25ml Bailey's, a splash of Amoretto (optional) and topped off with whole milk since I don't have any cream at the moment xD It was rather tasty! And matcha has the same amount of antioxidants as 10 cups of normal green tea, so it totally cancels out the badness of the alcohol... ;)

Day 94- Share your favourite bakery

Deeserts does amazing crepes, waffles, cakes & cookie dough, as well as ice creams and milkshakes! I also love the look of the interior.

Day 95- Plan an indulgent princess day for May 5th

I’ll be very busy in May with my final exams; I won’t have time to take out an entire day to indulge myself.

Day 96- Write a short letter to a good friend

I wrote one, but I won't share it here because it contains some personal information.

Day 97- Have a meal in a different space from your usual

I normally eat my breakfast in the living room so that I can catch the morning news and we normally have dinner as a family at the dining table. I decided to have breakfast at the kitchen table instead today. It was rather nice to have a moment of quiet in the morning and to properly appreciate my breakfast. I still like to watch the morning news, but I think I’ll have breakfast at the table on weekends.

Day 98- Stop and smell any flowers you pass

This is not a good idea if you have hay fever, which I do. I didn’t fancy spending the rest of the day sneezing, so if there was no noticeable smell from a flower, I wouldn’t lean in to smell it better. Instead I would just take a moment to appreciate the beauty in the form, colours and arrangements of flowers.  At a busy and stressful time in my life (exam period), it was very relaxing to take a moment here and there to just quietly admire the beauty of nature.

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