Friday, 8 July 2016

365 Lolita Lifestyle Challenge- Week 13

Day 85- Memorise a poem

I have memorised two of my dad’s poems “Ode to my Children” which he wrote about my brother and me.

Day 86- Light candles with a calming scent during your night time routine

I love scented candles. My favourite scents are spicy ones, food ones and some florals like jasmine and lavender.

Day 87- Learn a fancy way to fold a napkin

Thank you Buzzfeed!

Day 88- take a virtual museum tour

I decided to take a virtual museum tour of the V&A in London via an interactive map which pops up with photos of different exhibits. If you fancy a nosey around yourself, here's the link!

Day 89- find photographs of your current city from before your time

This was great fun! I adore history

Day 90- Design a coordinate based on a tarot card

I decided to design a coord based on the death tarot card. Death is often depicted as a skeleton, so it was the perfect excuse to design a coord around Dark Box's "KostelĂ­k Vech savtych a kostnicĂ­" JSK. I didn't order it because of very bad reviews about their customer service, but it's so pretty! And it's covered in different bones, so it fits the card perfectly! I realise there's no tights/socks in the collage, I'd probably just have something plain black or like a netted black pattern since the jsk is so intricate.

Day 91- Learn how to appreciate art

I'm not really one for 'appreciating' art. I just generally look at something and if I like it, I like it. I love looking at art, but I don't like the pretentiousness that often comes with it.
However, reading about how to appreciate art has given me a better understanding of the different components of artistic styles. It also helped me realise why I love certain art movements and dislike others. It hasn't changed how I feel about looking at art though!
I would recommend this website for anyone who is interested in learning a bit about art appreciation 

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