Friday, 8 July 2016

365 Lolita Lifestyle Challenge- Week 12

Day 78- Plan a small event to enjoy with friends

I'd love to have a wee picnic meet-up in one of the parks in Glasgow when the weather improves!

Day 79- Learn how to read faster

No. I refuse to do this one. I read because I enjoy it. I will take as much time as I want over a book! I want to engross myself in the story and the characters, which you just can’t do properly if you’re main focus is reading as fast as possible. And skim reading only gives you the main points of a story; you miss a lot of little details.

Day 80- Write a short letter to someone you admire

I remember when I was wee I wrote a letter to the WDCS to say how much I admired their work saving whales, dolphins and porpoises; and that when I grew up I also wanted to help protect animals. I drew them a picture of a dolphin leaping out of the ocean into a rising sun. They sent me a letter back saying that they put my picture up in their office to inspire them ^_^

Day 81- Practice your handwriting

I spent the day hand-writing different poems that I love to practice writing with a fountain pen. I think words look more beautiful when written with them.

Day 82- Wear something that was given to you as a gift

I wear this gold ring just about every day (I take it off when doing lab or field work so that I don't lose or damage it). My dad bought it for my mum, and she then gave it to me on my 16th birthday. I love the celtic design and the ring is very important to me.

Day 83- Recommend a book to a friend

I recommended Phantom of the Opera to my parents and my dad plans to read it once he has finished his current book.

Day 84- Let yourself wander somewhere new

I was at uni all day today so I didn't really have the time or energy to wander somewhere new. 

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