Friday, 8 July 2016

365 Lolita Lifestyle Challenge- Week 11

Day 71- Read an old letter or card

I used to have a friend who lived across the road from me when I was a child. Her dad was in the RAF, so she moved around quite a bit and we stayed pen pals for years. She stopped writing to me when they moved to New Zealand. In her last letter she told me that she would send me a letter with her new address when she found out what it was, but she never did. I stumbled across her years later on Bebo when we were both in high school, but she didn’t want to know me which broke my heart. I re-read all of the letters that she sent me and had a good ol’ nostalgia trip.

Day 72- remove an eye-sore from your space

The only eye sore in my space is the hideous hot pink carpet that I chose for my room when I was 7. The bottom of the house has been re-floored 5 times, but my parents have refused to let me get a new carpet in the 14 years we have lived at this house. They probably won’t remove it until I’m in my own place and they turn my room into a library. I thoroughly approve of my old room being turned into a library <3

Day 73- Design a coordinate based on a city

This one was too hard!

Day 74- learn the basics of embroidery

I'd love to take up an embroidery class during the summer, but I looked up the prices of different places and they are so expensive! Maybe I'll just try to self-teach in the summer instead... This website looks like it might be good.

Day 75- find a skin care recipe over 100 years old

When I was volunteering on the Isle of Eigg, I learned about quite a few plants that women traditionally used to beautify themselves. For example, eyebright flowers were used to make eye-drops or eye-baths that would cause women's eyes dilate and 'sparkle'.

Day 76- Photograph the Lolita piece you’ve owned the longest

Again, Bodyline P044. Here are some detail shots since I’ve already shared a full-length photo in a previous post.

Day 77- Create a collage of your favourite dress and beautiful images of the same colour

I didn't bother with this since my favourite dress is Moitie's Stained Glass and I've also already done a board on my general aesthetic, which is basically stained glass.

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