Friday, 8 July 2016

365 Lolita Lifestyle Challenge- Week 10

Day 64- Design a coordinate based on a style you’ve never worn

I’ve never worn punk lolita, although I’d like to buy some punk pieces. Here’s my first attempt at punk lolita with what’s currently in my wardrobe. Not pictured are my purple Dr Marten's and a long black and purple bead necklace. The fishnet tights would go over the purple ones. The tights match the purple in the cutsew better in real life.

Day 65- Share your Lolita inspiration

My Lolita inspiration is my best friend. They have been in the fashion for ten years now and their cording skills are amazing. They made me feel really welcome in our local comm and helped me manage my anxiety so that I could organise a lolita meet up. I trust their cording advice more than anyone else and they are just a lovely, fun person.

Day 66- write a list of themes you would like to incorporate into lolita

Mythical creatures that aren’t unicorns, vampires or mermaids! I want to see prints of kelpies, selkies, sirens, Nessie, griffins, gothic faeries, dragons, werewolves, centaurs, chimeras, gothic unicorns, etc. 

Gothic floral prints- I want to see lilies, black tulips/orchids/etc, bleeding hearts, fuscias, bella donna & other poisonous plants, there are so many stunning flowers which I think could work beautifully for gothic lolita.

I’d also love to see more prints of animals that are not cartoon styled. Sweet lolitas aren’t the only ones who like animals! 

Day 67- Share your favourite picture of yourself in lolita

This photo is one of my favourite's of me in lolita. I'm wearing my original dream dress with my favourite blouse, socks and bonnet. I also love the look of parasol and that is Glasgow's oldest house in the background.
It was for a "Lost Vampires" photoshoot with Gravelvelt and Jurgafoto. The idea was that we were vampires who had woken up after centuries of sleep and we were confused at exploring the modern world. We went for a loose Claudia and Lestat vibe, hence my hair styling and bonnet. I didn't have a doll though so I had to substitute it for a teddy. Check out the full shoot here:

Day 68- Learn a new party game

There was a thread on Rufflechat a while back about different games that people play at meet ups. One person had the fantastic idea where you have three hats, one filled with nouns and two filled with adjectives. Pick out a card from each hat and then you have to design a print, with the words you have drawn as your title! It sounds like great fun, and good ice breaker for larger meets if you get people to go in pairs/groups.

Day 69- Hand-write a poem you love

My dad is a brilliant poet. My favourite poems are all written by him, but I don’t want to post it online because of how things can get shared around without credit. So I’ve handwritten Evening Star by Edgar Allen Poe.

Day 70- Photograph something with lace

Here's two pieces in the one ccoord! My mantilla veil and my Rose Melody blouse =)

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