Monday, 25 July 2016

365 Day Lolita Lifestyle Challenge- Week 28

Day 190- Discover the cutest cafe nearby

I've been to most cafes in Glasgow with my comm by now haha! But Edinburgh has a cat cafe! I'd love to visit it at some point.

Day 191- Doodle your ideal lolita hangout

I don't really have an ideal hang-out!

Day 192- Watch a video of an old castle

Here's a video tour of Edinburgh Castle

Day 193- Design a Coord based on a flower

Here's a photo of one of my Putumayo dress coords because it has cute floral motifs.

Day 194- Give yourself a treat in advance

I ate some tasty chocolates in the morning as a treat for coming up to my 3rd month of working out regularly.

Day 195- Wear something that reminds you why you love lolita

I love this coord because it just makes me feel really cute! I adore the long hair bows and it's as close to sweet lolita as I'll ever go, haha!

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