Monday, 25 July 2016

365 Day Lolita Lifestyle Challenge- Week 29

Day 198- Write a short letter to your favourite brand

My favourite brand is Moi Meme Moitie. I love the quality of the dresses and the general aesthetic fits my personality to a tee. I love the colour schemes, but for the love of goth, please sort out your lighting in photographs! Some blues look electric blue, others look really dark and others yet look purple.

Day 199- Doodle a scene from your favourite book

There are far too many amazing books to have just one favourite!

Day 200- Indulge in a daydream

I do this fairly regularly. I love daydreaming.

Day 201- Design a coordinate based on a tea flavour

I chose Earl Grey flavour tea as an excuse to share a photo of me after my friend gravelvet transformed me into ouiji style! I feel like Earl Grey would be a dandy gentleman!

Day 202- Turn off all the lights for a while and light some candles

I enjoy doing this from time to time, it's very atmospheric!

Day 203- Give some extra care to your feet

My mum and I had a little at-home spa day using Lush products. We had a foot soak, exfoliating foot mask and finished it off with some lovely cooling peppermint foot cream. We also used hair oil and a face mask and we finished off with a cup of tea and a biscuit. It was nice to just relax and chat with my mammy <3

365 Day Lolita Lifestyle Challenge- Week 28

Day 190- Discover the cutest cafe nearby

I've been to most cafes in Glasgow with my comm by now haha! But Edinburgh has a cat cafe! I'd love to visit it at some point.

Day 191- Doodle your ideal lolita hangout

I don't really have an ideal hang-out!

Day 192- Watch a video of an old castle

Here's a video tour of Edinburgh Castle

Day 193- Design a Coord based on a flower

Here's a photo of one of my Putumayo dress coords because it has cute floral motifs.

Day 194- Give yourself a treat in advance

I ate some tasty chocolates in the morning as a treat for coming up to my 3rd month of working out regularly.

Day 195- Wear something that reminds you why you love lolita

I love this coord because it just makes me feel really cute! I adore the long hair bows and it's as close to sweet lolita as I'll ever go, haha!

365 Lolita Lifestyle Challenge- Week 27

Day 183- Show How Your Wardrobe has Changed in the Last Six Months

It hasn't really changed that much. I've added more accessories and a couple of new dresses and that's it.

Day 184- Write a List of 5 Things You Feel Would Improve Your Wardrobe

1) More shoes.
2) More Blouses
3) A lolita-appropriate bag
4) More cardigans/boleros
5) A decent quality coat

Day 185- Read a Meet Up Post From an EGL Community in a Different Country

I forgot to do this one xD

Day 186- Share Your Favourite Lolita Hairstyle

I really like just simple curls. I'm not very good at styling my hair because it's annoyingly fine, but a head of curls always looks very lolita.

Day 187- Wear Your Favourite Lotion Before Bed

I don't currently have any of my favourite lotion- Frangipani Monoi Oil from Elemis is solid at room temperature, but I you leave it in some hot water it turns into the most divine smelling oil which leaves your body feeling soft and warm. It's pretty expensive so I only get it as a birthday/ Christmas present. I'm currently using a lovely orchid scented body lotion :)

Day 188- Unwind before bed with some light reading

I do this every day!

Day 189- Learn the Victorian language of flowers

This website is super detailed!

365 Lolita Lifestyle Challenge- Week 26

Day 176- Listen to Classical Music During your Nighttime Routine

I do this just about every night!

Day 177- Press Flowers into a Diary or Card

I don't currently have any fresh flowers in the house to press, so here's a drawing instead. I drew these roses when I was 13/14 as a gift for my parents wedding anniversary.

Day 178- Wear Something Unloved

I love everything in my wardrobe!

Day 179- Photograph your Wardrobe Space

Ta da!

Day 180- Share Your Favourite Garden

My favourite garden is probably the botanic garden in Glasgow.

Day 181- Learn a New Breakfast Recipe

When I was volunteering in Costa Rica, we had gallo pinto just about every day. It's really tasty, and I miss having it, so I looked up a recipe for it.

365 Lolita Lifestyle Challenge- Week 24

Day 162- Photograph Your Favourite Headpiece

Bonnets are my favourite headwear <3 one of my favourites is this bonnet from SouffleSong because of the cross charms. It's so pretty and it was a great price! It also has alligator clips on it so it stays in place better ^^

Day 163- Design A Coordinate Based on a Book

I chose the book The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Laroux since I have Haenuli's Angel of Music OP :)

Day 164- Design A Coordinate Using Contrasting Colours

Day 165- Take a Virtual Tour of an Area of the Globe that you've Always Wanted to Visit

I used Google maps to have a nosey around Tokyo :)

Day 166- Do a Normal Task in a Luxurious Way

I hoovered the house with my face mask and hair mask on today.

365 Lolita Lifestyle Challenge- Week 23

Day 156- Listen to an Old Favourite Song

There are far too many excellent songs for me to ever really have favourites! But I spent the day listening to my "epic songs" playlist which i suppose could count as my favourites (it's over 500 songs long xD).

Day 157- Photograph the Dress that you have worn the Most

Again, that would be my oldest piece, because it's my oldest one and because I wear it on nights out and it's the only non-print dress that I own so can wear lolita more casually.

Day 158- Take a Different Path than you Usually Do

No. This is not a good idea for someone with anxiety.

Day 159- Come up with Three New Lolita Holidays

1) International Gothic Lolita Day
2) International Obscure Substyle Day
3) International Ouiji Day

Day 160- Share 5 Facts About Your Lolita Wardrobe

1) It is entirely gothic
2) I have 16 main pieces
3) I don't own a lolita bag
4) It is a mixture of brand, indie brands and offbrand
5) I am going to collect stained glass prints

Day 161- Draw A Sweet Print Based off a Generated Name

Ugh. There hasn't been enough goth love in these challenges! These specific design a coord/ draw a print type ones have mostly favoured the sweets!

365 Lolita Lifestyle Challenge- Week 22

Day 148- Carry something to take notes on and fill it with wonderful things about your day

This was actually really nice to do. I usually write in my diary at the end of a day, but it was nice to carry it about with me and note things that happened as they went.

Day 149- Learn how to blend tea

This is something that I do at home all of the time!

Day 150- Give your room a fresh scent

It has been roasting this week (24°C)! So I’ve had all the windows flung open. I really love the freshness of a room where the windows have been opened. I’m not really sure how to describe the scent other than pure freshness.

Day 151- Photograph your favourite Lolita purse

This is a little embarrassing… I don’t own a Lolita bag! I just find it very hard to get excited about Lolita bags as there doesn’t seem to be many gothic options. And the weird pleather material that many are made from makes them look cheap af. And I love my Kipling bags. They’re not Lolita in the slightest, but I like them and they never make it into photos of me that will go on CoF. I will find myself a Lolita-appropriate bag one day…

365 Lolita Lifestyle Challenge- Week 21

Day 142- Learn a new sewing technique

The zipper burst on my Bridge of Bubbles Fan + Friend JSK ages ago and I always meant to fix it, so I finally learned how to sew on a new zipper!

Day 143- Doodle your favourite childhood toy

My favourite childhood toys were My Little Pony's! I didn't have a specific favourite, I loved them all and I still have some of them :3

Day 144- Design a coordinate based on your oldest dress

Outfit Rundown:
Hat- Surface Spell
OP: Bodyline
Socks: Sock Dreams
Shoes: Hush Puppies

Day 145- Watch an old Lolita fashion show

I watched the Helsinki Convention AP Fashion Show

Day 146- Write about your ideal Lolita meet up

My ideal lolita meet. Hmmmmm... I don't know! There are so many fun meet up ideas that work well depending on weather, budget, etc. As long as the company is great, I will thoroughly enjoy myself! ^_^

Day 147- Accessories one of your meals with an ambiance

I decided to make an event of breakfast. I feel like it's the neglected meal that people are most likely to skip or you just go through the motions whilst getting ready for the day. I normally sit in the living room to watch the news with breakfast.

So today I made myself some porage and I added some fresh strawberries and honey from the Isle of Eigg. I also enjoyed a cup of berry tea.

To create an ambiance, I played Tchaikovsky's because it's relaxing, but also helps me focus so I thought it was the perfect thing to play in the morning. I ate by the French doors in the kitchen which I opened to make the most of the natural morning light and the fresh morning air. the singing birds complimented the music perfectly.

I really enjoyed making such an event of breakfast. It was very calming and I'd love to do it more often.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

365 Lolita Lifestyle Challenge- Week 20

Day 135- Share a Lolita trend you couldn’t get into

Nun Lolita. I’m a religious person and I don’t like nun lolita, because nuns take a vow of poverty and renouncing vanity, so basing a fashion which is all about vanity and looking expensive around their clothing doesn’t sit well with me.

Day 136- Write about your ideal Lolita interior

My dream is to buy an old disued church with stained glass windows and to restore and convert it into a home. I would have a grand spiral staircase leading up to the second floor, which I would probably have as a mezzanine so as to keep the number of windows 'cut in half' to a minimum. It would have stunning dark wooden floors and arched doorways. The interior design would be elegant gothic.

Day 137- Share your favourite historical era

I'm really interested in history and my favourite books are historical fictions that are based on real people/events. I don't have a favourite era though. 

Day 138- Take out an unloved dress

I love all of my dresses! <3

Day 139- Find a new spot in your town for a Lolita meet-up

Image from
To celebrate finishing my exams, my great aunty treated me to lunch at Cup and Saucer, a cute little café on Cresswell Lane that I had no idea existed! It’s rather small, but full of 1940’s-60’s décor, including an old tv, (working) radio, fireplace, heater, magazines, posters, tea wares and nick nacks. 

My great aunty discovered this place recently when the usual place that she’s go for lunch with gran was full up, so they had a wander around to find somewhere else. They both loved the place because all the décor reminded them of their childhood and the food was good. 

I love it too; I think it would be super cute for a meet up. It’s owned and run by one woman who styles her hair in 1940’s looks and she wears cute retro aprons. She’s really lovely and the food is delicious. I had lentil soup with crusty bread, and a slice of white chocolate and cranberry tiffin. There are also sandwiches, paninis, toasties and afternoon tea. There is a pretty good selection of loose leaf tea too! Everything is made by the lady. There is also a vintage shop right next door, so I think it’d be great to have a meet up at the café and then browse through the vintage shop.

Day 140- photograph a unique accessory you own

This is my circlet that I bought from Elvenstar Design. I wore it for the first time when I went to see Swan Lake at the Theatre Royal with my friend.

365 Lolita Lifestyle Challenge- Week 19

Day 127- Photograph your room

I don't really like how my room looks. It's bursting full of stuff and it hasn't changed much since I was a kid. My room would look vastly different if I had any say in changing how it looks. Hopefully I'll be able to move out next year and I'll have myself a beautifully goth room. So here's a picture of my wardrobe instead!

Day 128- Discover a beautiful spot for a daytrip in a near-by city

There are only 7 cities in Scotland- Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Dundee, Perth, Aberdeen and Inverness. The closest to Glasgow is Edinburgh, and I’ve been nosying about the city’s attractions online since I might be doing a masters at one of the universities. A beautiful spot which I think would make for a great lolita day trip (excluding the obvious answer of the castle), is Palace of Holyrood House. The building looks beautiful and it's a museum about the history of Scottish royalty. 

Day 129- Write a short poem about how you feel wearing lolita

Pure fabby!

Day 130- share a painting you would love on a dress

I don’t really like paintings of people as prints. Jet J does that a lot and it tends to look weird to me. However, I like paintings with other subjects as dress prints. That taobao brand dress with Van Gough’s Starry Night painting as a print was really pretty. I’d love to see some vanitas still-life paintings on dresses. Like this one: 'Still Life: An Allegory of the Vanities of Human Life', 1640 (oil on oak panel) by Harmen Steenwyck. I wrote an essay on this painting for my Standard Grade Art and Design class at high school. I love the symbolism behind every item, the subtle use of light and shade and the rather macabre nature of the subject.

Day 131- Drink a nice cup of tea

I drink several cups of tea a day. I recently bought a new tea from Whittard of Chelsea called Goji Acai. It’s Sencha blended with goji and acai berries and hibiscus flowers.

Day 132- Learn a new makeup style from a GLB issue

I tried out that blush around the eyes make up style... and it looked horrendous.

Day 133- Pull things out of your wardrobe that don’t make you feel fabulous

Nothing in my wardrobe makes me feel unfabulous. I have a lot of non-glamorous clothes that are a necessity for a conservation zoologist and budding amateur wildlife photographer like myself. They make me feel ready to take on the world and save some animals! And I have plenty of comfy non-glamorous clothing that I like to just lounge in and feel casually cute. 

Monday, 18 July 2016

365 Lolita Lifestyle Challenge- Week 18

Day 120- Look up the performance schedule for your local theatre

I do this semi-regularly and I get a programme of events from The King’s, the Theatre Royal and the Citizen’s theatres. My friend and I will be going to see the American Idiot musical in June and I am ridiculously excited! Green Day are my favourite band and I missed the premier tour, so I’m well chuffed I’m able to go this time. I’m looking forward to seeing how my favourite album is brought to life on the stage!

Day 121- Find a beautiful place in the world you’ve never seen before

I watched a documentary on Cuban wildlife and wow it looks like a stunning country! So many different kinds of habitats and lots of rare wildlife, including the world's smallest humming bird! I'd love to visit one day.

Day 122- Learn the proper way to set a dinner table

Etiquette Scholar goes rather in depth on how to set a dinner table depending on the level of formality/number of courses. It was a very interesting read.

Day 123- Take an extra step in your facial care routine

I used one of the toner tabs today. You pop one into a bowl of hot water, lean over it and cover your head with a towel. The skin goodies dissolve into the water and the steam opens your pores so that they get cleaned out and your skin gets some nourishment. It was very relaxing and prepared my skin nicely for my face mask. 

Day 124- Photograph your online handle hand-written

Day 125- Celebrate princess day

I’m in the middle of the exam period. I ‘celebrated’ princess day by studying and drinking too much coffee. But I played classical music all day, is that acceptably princess-like?

Day 126- Share a place you would love to visit in Lolita

Stirling Castle. I've never been there in or out of lolita. It looks beautiful, as does the surrounding scenery.

365 Lolita Lifestyle Challenge- Week 17

Day 113- Doodle your ideal Lolita storefront

My ideal lolita shop front would of course be a gothic shop with stained glass windows! I'd also love a big dark wooden arching door. The shop name would be in a pretty gothic font, but my drawing skills and amount of free time at the moment weren't really sufficient to do a proper drawing.

Day 114- turn off all media during dinner

We never have any media on during dinner. Dinner is family time where we eat around the table and chat with each other.

Day 115- Pick out a fresh nail design

I love nail polish, but I don't wear it often because my work doesn't allow it. I love these ideas from buzzfeed for easy nail designs that don't require much skill.

Day 116- Design a coordinate based on a dessert

This one was quite difficult, but I made a coord based on red velvet cake. I pretty much just focused on the colours of the cake and I've opted for a lot of velvet!

Day 117- Look through photographs from before your time

For a birthday present for my mum one year, the family made a photo album with a lot of photos from when she was little up to the year we gave it to her. It was really nice to see how fashion has changed and kinda spooky to see how much I look like her at every stage in life so far!

Day 118- Give yourself a small indulgence

I like the look of Lush’s rose toner tabs, but they’re quite expensive (£2.50 each). But I’ve worked damn hard this year and I still have a way to go, and I know the stress of the final exams is going to wreak havoc on my skin, so I bought myself some.

Day 119- Wear something in your favourite colour

My favourite colour is purple, so I wore a purple freshwater pearl necklace.

365 Lolita Lifestyle Challenge- Week 16

Day 106- write why you love your favourite brand

My favourite band has always been Green Day. I adore their music and their music videos. I love that they're punk at their core, but are unafraid to experiment with different genres. The emotion in the music and in Billie Joe's voice, whether that's anger, sorrow or joy is so powerful. I've seen them in concert and they have so much energy! The productions are always huge, with water guns to cool down those in the standing, cannons to shoot tshirst out to those in the seats, confetti, amazing lighting and videos and pyrotechnics. My favourite thing about their live perfomances is their audience interactions. The majority of bands and singers I've been to see just sing their set & leave. Sometimes they'll just shout "hello Glasgow!" a few times. But Billie Joe grabs people to bring on stage to sing with him, to stage dive & to be the 'sacrifice' in East Jesus Nowhere. He dances around as a drunk pink bunny whilst we're waiting for the transition between the support acts and them, he gets the crowd to sing along with him & scream "hey ho" and he blethers away to us, teases us with build ups to songs and demands that we jump and scream and dance as much as he does. The sheer energy through a 3 hour set is phenomenal.

Day 107- submit a Lolita valentine for someone in your country

Day 108- mend a clothing item

I sewed on a button that had popped off my AP Mallorca Cut-Sewn OP.

Day 109- Take a book with you

This is something that I have always done. I travel on the bus a lot, which isn’t particularly pleasant in Glasgow, particularly with anxiety, so engrossing myself in a book helps to distract myself.

Day 110- find something to enjoy in a task you hate

There aren’t really any household tasks that I hate doing. I quite like cleaning and tidying. It makes me feel like I’m being productive and I like my space to be clean and organised. It’s also a great excuse to sing and dance along to some music!

I do however hate public transport. I hate needing to get the bus to & from uni and the town almost every day. The buses do not stick to the timetables, they’re too cold in winter and too hot in summer, they’re uncomfortable and expensive, I get anxious if it gets busy or if it runs late and I’ve had many unpleasant experiences on the bus.

For example, I had my bus stopped by six policemen who searched the bus and hauled two passengers off to search them for stolen goods. In the same week, two raging alkies sat behind me and had a huge argument, which ended with the woman pouring her Buckfast over the guy; splashes ricocheting onto the back of my head and it created a pool of vile-smelling fortified wine around my feet. The bus and I stank and it was another 20 minutes before my stop.

Reading a book helps make bus journeys more bearable when there aren’t troublesome passengers.

Day 111- Photograph an item that carries special memories

This photo album was hand-made in Costa Rica and contains a selection of photos from my month volunteering and traveling in the country three years ago. It was the first time I'd ever travelled outside of Europe and the first time I went abroad without my family (save for a high school trip to Paris, but we had lots of teachers with us). It was an amazing experience helping scientists to collect data on sea turtles and learning about the country's culture and history.

Day 112- Share a piece of Lolita advice

Don't neglect the basics! Build yourself a solid wardrobe of blouses, accessories, shoes and cardigans/boleros. You will get bored of only having a couple of different ways to wear each dress. I always get so excited over dresses that I neglected the rest of my wardrobe for the first three years. I realised I was coording all of my dresses in the same few ways and it was so boring that I never felt like taking photos and it got to the point where it wasn't that exciting to wear lolita any more, That all changed when I bought myself some new shoes, blouses and hair accessories! 

Friday, 15 July 2016

365 Lolita Lifestyle Challenge- Week 15

Day 99- Wear something with a bow

I wore this cute hair bow today

Day 100- Learn some photography basics

One of my hobbies is amateur wildlife photography. I learned a lot about natural history photography from The Wildlife Photography Workshop by Ross Hoddinott. I would strongly recommend it for anyone with a similar interest because it covers the jargon of the different digital camera functions and photoshop, the best lens types to use for each animal group, how to make the best of different weather conditions, compositions and more in a clear and concise manner.

Day 101- Photograph something you drew

I drew these calla lilies with chalk on black paper years ago for my standard grade art class. It was my favourite piece from the light and shade unit. Pretty much all of my 3rd year art work was different flowers because they are my favourite things to draw. <3

Day 102- Create a wishlist of flowers that you would plant in your garden

Bleeding Hearts
Black Hollyhock
Stargazer Lilies
Calla Lililes
Peacock Lilies
Sword Lilies
Water Lilies
Queen Anne's Lace
Double Ellens

Day 103- recommend a movie to a friend

I recommended Dr. Terror's House of Horror's to one of my friends who is a big fan of Christopher Lee and he hasn't seen it yet. It's periodically on the horror channel so he probably won't have long to wait until it's showing again.

Day 104- design a coordinate based on your newest dress

My Holy Lantern OP was dispatched a couple of days ago! My first coord with it will be this:

Day 105- share the dress you currently covet

I currently covet Haenuli’s Glass of St Giles OP with the chest motif. It’s gorgeous! I mean, just look at it!

365 Lolita Lifestyle Challenge- Week 14

Day 92- browse through the egl livejournal memories

I browsed through my comm's old egl page. It hasn't been updated since 2012 when the comm moved over to Facebook. It was really nice to see who are still members, people I recognise but are no longer in the comm for whatever reason, and to see the old meets.

Day 93- Learn a new drink recipe

I'm rather partial to a cocktail or two, so I decided to do my own spin on the classic White Russian. I present: The Green Russian! It's simply 1tsp matcha, 50ml vodka, 25ml Bailey's, a splash of Amoretto (optional) and topped off with whole milk since I don't have any cream at the moment xD It was rather tasty! And matcha has the same amount of antioxidants as 10 cups of normal green tea, so it totally cancels out the badness of the alcohol... ;)

Day 94- Share your favourite bakery

Deeserts does amazing crepes, waffles, cakes & cookie dough, as well as ice creams and milkshakes! I also love the look of the interior.

Day 95- Plan an indulgent princess day for May 5th

I’ll be very busy in May with my final exams; I won’t have time to take out an entire day to indulge myself.

Day 96- Write a short letter to a good friend

I wrote one, but I won't share it here because it contains some personal information.

Day 97- Have a meal in a different space from your usual

I normally eat my breakfast in the living room so that I can catch the morning news and we normally have dinner as a family at the dining table. I decided to have breakfast at the kitchen table instead today. It was rather nice to have a moment of quiet in the morning and to properly appreciate my breakfast. I still like to watch the morning news, but I think I’ll have breakfast at the table on weekends.

Day 98- Stop and smell any flowers you pass

This is not a good idea if you have hay fever, which I do. I didn’t fancy spending the rest of the day sneezing, so if there was no noticeable smell from a flower, I wouldn’t lean in to smell it better. Instead I would just take a moment to appreciate the beauty in the form, colours and arrangements of flowers.  At a busy and stressful time in my life (exam period), it was very relaxing to take a moment here and there to just quietly admire the beauty of nature.

Friday, 8 July 2016

365 Lolita Lifestyle Challenge- Week 13

Day 85- Memorise a poem

I have memorised two of my dad’s poems “Ode to my Children” which he wrote about my brother and me.

Day 86- Light candles with a calming scent during your night time routine

I love scented candles. My favourite scents are spicy ones, food ones and some florals like jasmine and lavender.

Day 87- Learn a fancy way to fold a napkin

Thank you Buzzfeed!

Day 88- take a virtual museum tour

I decided to take a virtual museum tour of the V&A in London via an interactive map which pops up with photos of different exhibits. If you fancy a nosey around yourself, here's the link!

Day 89- find photographs of your current city from before your time

This was great fun! I adore history

Day 90- Design a coordinate based on a tarot card

I decided to design a coord based on the death tarot card. Death is often depicted as a skeleton, so it was the perfect excuse to design a coord around Dark Box's "Kostelík Vech savtych a kostnicí" JSK. I didn't order it because of very bad reviews about their customer service, but it's so pretty! And it's covered in different bones, so it fits the card perfectly! I realise there's no tights/socks in the collage, I'd probably just have something plain black or like a netted black pattern since the jsk is so intricate.

Day 91- Learn how to appreciate art

I'm not really one for 'appreciating' art. I just generally look at something and if I like it, I like it. I love looking at art, but I don't like the pretentiousness that often comes with it.
However, reading about how to appreciate art has given me a better understanding of the different components of artistic styles. It also helped me realise why I love certain art movements and dislike others. It hasn't changed how I feel about looking at art though!
I would recommend this website for anyone who is interested in learning a bit about art appreciation 

365 Lolita Lifestyle Challenge- Week 12

Day 78- Plan a small event to enjoy with friends

I'd love to have a wee picnic meet-up in one of the parks in Glasgow when the weather improves!

Day 79- Learn how to read faster

No. I refuse to do this one. I read because I enjoy it. I will take as much time as I want over a book! I want to engross myself in the story and the characters, which you just can’t do properly if you’re main focus is reading as fast as possible. And skim reading only gives you the main points of a story; you miss a lot of little details.

Day 80- Write a short letter to someone you admire

I remember when I was wee I wrote a letter to the WDCS to say how much I admired their work saving whales, dolphins and porpoises; and that when I grew up I also wanted to help protect animals. I drew them a picture of a dolphin leaping out of the ocean into a rising sun. They sent me a letter back saying that they put my picture up in their office to inspire them ^_^

Day 81- Practice your handwriting

I spent the day hand-writing different poems that I love to practice writing with a fountain pen. I think words look more beautiful when written with them.

Day 82- Wear something that was given to you as a gift

I wear this gold ring just about every day (I take it off when doing lab or field work so that I don't lose or damage it). My dad bought it for my mum, and she then gave it to me on my 16th birthday. I love the celtic design and the ring is very important to me.

Day 83- Recommend a book to a friend

I recommended Phantom of the Opera to my parents and my dad plans to read it once he has finished his current book.

Day 84- Let yourself wander somewhere new

I was at uni all day today so I didn't really have the time or energy to wander somewhere new. 

365 Lolita Lifestyle Challenge- Week 11

Day 71- Read an old letter or card

I used to have a friend who lived across the road from me when I was a child. Her dad was in the RAF, so she moved around quite a bit and we stayed pen pals for years. She stopped writing to me when they moved to New Zealand. In her last letter she told me that she would send me a letter with her new address when she found out what it was, but she never did. I stumbled across her years later on Bebo when we were both in high school, but she didn’t want to know me which broke my heart. I re-read all of the letters that she sent me and had a good ol’ nostalgia trip.

Day 72- remove an eye-sore from your space

The only eye sore in my space is the hideous hot pink carpet that I chose for my room when I was 7. The bottom of the house has been re-floored 5 times, but my parents have refused to let me get a new carpet in the 14 years we have lived at this house. They probably won’t remove it until I’m in my own place and they turn my room into a library. I thoroughly approve of my old room being turned into a library <3

Day 73- Design a coordinate based on a city

This one was too hard!

Day 74- learn the basics of embroidery

I'd love to take up an embroidery class during the summer, but I looked up the prices of different places and they are so expensive! Maybe I'll just try to self-teach in the summer instead... This website looks like it might be good.

Day 75- find a skin care recipe over 100 years old

When I was volunteering on the Isle of Eigg, I learned about quite a few plants that women traditionally used to beautify themselves. For example, eyebright flowers were used to make eye-drops or eye-baths that would cause women's eyes dilate and 'sparkle'.

Day 76- Photograph the Lolita piece you’ve owned the longest

Again, Bodyline P044. Here are some detail shots since I’ve already shared a full-length photo in a previous post.

Day 77- Create a collage of your favourite dress and beautiful images of the same colour

I didn't bother with this since my favourite dress is Moitie's Stained Glass and I've also already done a board on my general aesthetic, which is basically stained glass.

365 Lolita Lifestyle Challenge- Week 10

Day 64- Design a coordinate based on a style you’ve never worn

I’ve never worn punk lolita, although I’d like to buy some punk pieces. Here’s my first attempt at punk lolita with what’s currently in my wardrobe. Not pictured are my purple Dr Marten's and a long black and purple bead necklace. The fishnet tights would go over the purple ones. The tights match the purple in the cutsew better in real life.

Day 65- Share your Lolita inspiration

My Lolita inspiration is my best friend. They have been in the fashion for ten years now and their cording skills are amazing. They made me feel really welcome in our local comm and helped me manage my anxiety so that I could organise a lolita meet up. I trust their cording advice more than anyone else and they are just a lovely, fun person.

Day 66- write a list of themes you would like to incorporate into lolita

Mythical creatures that aren’t unicorns, vampires or mermaids! I want to see prints of kelpies, selkies, sirens, Nessie, griffins, gothic faeries, dragons, werewolves, centaurs, chimeras, gothic unicorns, etc. 

Gothic floral prints- I want to see lilies, black tulips/orchids/etc, bleeding hearts, fuscias, bella donna & other poisonous plants, there are so many stunning flowers which I think could work beautifully for gothic lolita.

I’d also love to see more prints of animals that are not cartoon styled. Sweet lolitas aren’t the only ones who like animals! 

Day 67- Share your favourite picture of yourself in lolita

This photo is one of my favourite's of me in lolita. I'm wearing my original dream dress with my favourite blouse, socks and bonnet. I also love the look of parasol and that is Glasgow's oldest house in the background.
It was for a "Lost Vampires" photoshoot with Gravelvelt and Jurgafoto. The idea was that we were vampires who had woken up after centuries of sleep and we were confused at exploring the modern world. We went for a loose Claudia and Lestat vibe, hence my hair styling and bonnet. I didn't have a doll though so I had to substitute it for a teddy. Check out the full shoot here:

Day 68- Learn a new party game

There was a thread on Rufflechat a while back about different games that people play at meet ups. One person had the fantastic idea where you have three hats, one filled with nouns and two filled with adjectives. Pick out a card from each hat and then you have to design a print, with the words you have drawn as your title! It sounds like great fun, and good ice breaker for larger meets if you get people to go in pairs/groups.

Day 69- Hand-write a poem you love

My dad is a brilliant poet. My favourite poems are all written by him, but I don’t want to post it online because of how things can get shared around without credit. So I’ve handwritten Evening Star by Edgar Allen Poe.

Day 70- Photograph something with lace

Here's two pieces in the one ccoord! My mantilla veil and my Rose Melody blouse =)

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

365 Lolita Lifestyle Challenge- Week 25

Day 168- Share your Favourite Local Shop

I couldn't pick just one, so I've divided them into categories:

Books- Calton Books. They stock books on socialism, anti-fascism, Irish history, feminism, slavery, Scottish Independence, Trade Unions, austerity, internet activism and more. They also sell tshirts, badges, cds, scarves and hoodies. I've read so many fascinating books and learned a lot about my people's history as a Scots-Irish Catholic. It also helps that I'm a socialist and a feminist. So for fellow left-wingers, get down to 159 London Road, or check out their website here

Music- Love Music, 34 Dundas Street. They are crammed floor to ceiling with vinyl & CDs. They offer all kinds of genres, including; Punk, Classic Rock, Indie, Metal, Americana, Roots, Soul, Hip Hop, Jazz, Reggae, Blues, Electronica & Dance, Soundtracks, World Music, Audio Books and Comedy. Pretty much the only things they won't stock are pop, techno, classical or easy listening. They'll also buy your old vinyl & CDs if they're in good condition.

Tea- Tchai Ovna, 42 Otago Lane. It is primarily a tea room which offers exclusively vegetarian and
vegan food. I'm not veggie or vegan and I adore their food. They also sell some of their teas in pouches to take away and some cute tea wares. The interior is so cozy and comfy, it's a perfect hide-out from the Scottish weather.

Alcohol- Valhalla's Goat, 449 Great Western Road. This one wins for it's fantastic name! They stock
a huge range of craft beers, wines, ciders, whiskys and other spirits. The staff are really helpful and they offer a couple of tasters of wines on Tuesdays and beers on Wednesdays

Food- Roots, Fruits and Flowers, 451-457 Great Western Road. They stock seasonal fruit and veg and the owner, Gareth, is very keen to share his knowledge and tips on fruit, veg & cooking. They also have a wholefoods section which is full of different snacks, preserves, meats, poultry, dairy, vegetarian and vegan alternatives, breads, and more. They are environmentally and ethically conscious in choosing what they stock and they have a good selection of gluten-free products for any ceoliacs out there and dairy-free products. The deli counter is to die for! Finally, they also sell plants bouquets of flowers. Whilst they can be quite pricey, they are stunning.

Special Mention- The Barras, Gallowgate. It's a huge market where people sell everything and anything!

Day 169- Doodle and Label Your Top 5 Favourite Desserts

This was very difficult to narrow down to 5!

1) Cheesecake because there are so many good flavours and you can make it sweeter with say, mint chocolate flavour, or less with salted caramel. Or you can make it fruity! And it tastes good with cream, ice cream or custard!

2) Pies. Again, because there's so many flavours and they pair well with cream, ice cream and custard! <3

3) Cranachan <3

4) Rice pudding with cinnamon <3

5) Ginger Cake <3

Day  170- Write 10 Meet Up Theme Ideas

I don't really like to host themed meets in case someone in the comm doesn't have anything that fits, but they can or fun of they're non-compulsory or if most/all of the comm can participate!

1) Opposites Attract for a Valentine's meet up. Pair up sweets with goths, classics with punks, aristocrats with oujis, pirates with sailors, guros with nurses, you get the idea :P

2) Obscure Substyles- anything that isn't one of the main 3. This could be a theme for any type of meet up.

3) Winter Wonderland for December/January meets. Ice/snow queens/kings/person, Christmas prints, snowy prints and wintery animal prints, greens, reds and golds, whites, blues and silvers.

4) Nautical for seaside/boat/aquarium meets. Pirate & sailor are the obvious choices, but you could also wear mermaid prints, marine/freshwater animal prints or boat/ship prints.

5) Spring/ Easter theme. Bunny/chick/lamb prints, florals, or solid pieces with animal ears, light summery colours, country lolita, etc. Or you could go down the religious route and wear some sort of religious print

6) Ita theme could be funny for April Fool's day.

7) Constellation/Sky theme would be fun for an observatory or science centre meet up.

8) Guro theme for Halloween!

9) Masquerade. Wear your fanciest coord, Rocco influenced solid pieces would be perfect. And a Venetian mask of course! This would be fun for Halloween or for dancing (either ballroom or dancing in a hired room in a bar/club or at karaoke for the modern folk :P)

10) Fairy Tale theme. There are lots of prints based on different fairy tales, or you could design a coord based around a specific character. This would be nice for meets at parks and gardens, or to certain museums (like the museum of childhood or the writer's museum, both in Edinburgh).

Day 172- Polish your Vocabulary

What does this mean? Learn new words? Checking to see if you're pronouncing words correctly? practice a posh accent?

Day 173- Watch a Time Lapse of a Painting Being Made

My friend Gravelvet has an art channel on YouTube where they put up videos making artworks <3