Saturday, 11 June 2016

365 Lolita Lifestyle Challenge- Week 9

Day 57- submit a Lolita valentine for someone in your community

My comm knows I'm doing this challenge, so I think they'd know it was me who sent the valentine, which defeats the purpose of the anonymity and I think it would seem insincere to create one because of this challenge, so I complimented my comm members' most recent coords instead.

Day 58- Learn the basics of calligraphy

I held off on this one because Japan Fair is held in early June and you get to try out traditional Japanese calligraphy. Below are my rather terrible contributions. The brush and ink are actually quite difficult to use gracefully. I’d love to take a proper class in calligraphy now. Hopefully I can find something affordable during the summer.

My name in Kanji
The Beauty of Nature

Day 59- Solve a Lolita-themed puzzle

I just did the little puzzles on the Lace a la Mode Facebook page.

Day 60- Create a collage or mood board for your Lolita style

I made a pinterest board full of stained glass, churches, gothic art and flowers which can be found here

Day 61- Compliment a coord from someone you have never met

I do this quite frequently. I love looking at people’s CoF posts, and when I see a coord that I love, I like to leave a little comment about it. There aren't that many people in my comm, most of the CoF posts are from people that I've never met!

Day 62- Share a new release that you’re excited about

Angelic Pretty’s Holy Lantern MTO! I ordered the lavender OP in October and it’s due to be shipped next month! I am super excited because the print and the op design is so pretty. It also means that the value should depreciate in the second hand market, so I’ll be able to pick up jsk 1 in black and jsk 2 white for a reasonable price at a later date.

Day 63- Learn silhouettes of dresses throughout the ages

This is my favourite little infographic which gives the jist of different fashions throughout the centuries. I've also read a lot of books on historical fashion. If anyone is interested in learning more, I'd suggest reading the following: 17th & 18th Century Fashion Detail19th Century Fashion in DetailUnderwear Fashion in Detail and A Cultural History of Fashion in the 20th and 21st Centuries, Second Edition: From Catwalk to Sidewalk

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