Thursday, 9 June 2016

365 Lolita Lifestyle Challenge- Week 5

Day 29- Write a letter to yourself 5 years from now

I’ve never been fond of that sort of thing as a concept. I’ve always thought it was a bit naff. But here we go!
Dear Me,
This is past me from 5 years ago. I/you/we will be 26 when you read this. You better have graduated from university with honours or I will be sorely disappointed! I hope we have some sort of conservation-based job in Scotland. I/we are currently single (which you know), so is that still the case in your time? Or do you/we/I have a loving boyfriend/husband? If so, was the wedding and honeymoon been everything we dreamed of? Are their children or talk of children yet? How much of the travel list have you gone through? What advances in conservation and technology have come to pass? Is Scotland finally a free, independent nation again? How is everyone in our family getting on? I hope they’re all doing well.
I’m not really sure what else to add, and I still feel like this is silly, so signing off now!
Best wishes,
21 year old you.

Day 30- Tidy your closet

I always like to keep my wardrobe tidy. However, my desk was getting a bit cluttered so I tidied that instead.

Day 31-Browse through the latest wardrobe posts on egl

It's great fun getting to see other lolita's wardrobes in their JWPs ^_^ I haven't had the chance do mine yet though because my dissertation was due in this month.

Day 32- Write About Your Perfect Valentine’s Day Lolita Meet

My perfect St. Valentine’s meet... There used to be a place called The Number One Chocolate Factory which I discovered did chocolate parties where you would learn some simple chocolatier techniques and have a chocolate tasting competition. I think that would be so much fun for a St. Valentine's lolita meet up, and I had organised a meet, but they closed in December to move to a new premises and said they would re-open in January... but it's now February and they haven't released any details about this new premises and they stopped responding to facebook messages and emails, so it had to be cancelled. I hope and pray that they will re-open eventually!

Day 33- Go Back in time to the first iterations of Lolita webstores

I have chosen Moi Meme Moitie! Webarchive's earliest record is in March 2010.

Day 34- Watch a Home-made Lolita video

I went through all the YouTube Videos by Gravelvet of my comm’s past meet ups. It was really nostalgic to remember the fun meet ups and get a glimpse of meets that I wasn’t able to attend for whatever reason. They can be found here if you fancy a nosy =P 

Day 35- Photograph your oldest Lolita piece 

My oldest piece is the first lolita item that I ever bought in 2012! It’s the Katerina Black Corset OP (P044) in black from Bodyline. Sadly I don’t have many photos of me in it because I didn’t really start attending meets or taking coord pictures regularly until 2014. It is also my go-to dress for concerts & nights out, so the lace has gotten a bit ratty over the years. I adore it though and I’ll keep it until it falls apart since it is no longer sold on the Bodyline website.

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