Wednesday, 8 June 2016

365 Lolita Lifestyle Challenge- Week 3

Day 15- Spray Your Linens with a Fresh Fragrance Before You Go To Sleep

This is something that I have always done. I have social and general anxiety, so getting to sleep can be difficult. I’ve found that spraying my linens with a nice scent helps me to stay relaxed. My favourite is lavender.

Day 16- Plan a Special Meal

For my graduation, my parents, brother, grandparents and great aunty will be going to Amore for a three course meal. They have a special set menu for graduation and I will be going for the soup of the day, the lobster pasta and the tiramisu.

Day 17- Make a Travel Wish List

The majority of my travel wishlist revolves around seeing different wildlife and/or sites of religious significance. Here are my current top 12:
Lourdes, France
Vatican City
Camino de Santiago, Spain
Islas Malvinas
The Galapagos Islands
New Zealand

Day 18- Learn How to Press Flowers

I got into pressing flowers after my first boyfriend bought me my first bunch of flowers. I thought it was so sweet and I wanted to keep a flower forever, so I looked up how to press flowers. It's still something that I enjoy doing. I put them in scrapbooks, frame them and make them into cards. 

Day 19- Photograph Your Handwriting

My Handwriting! This was me brainstorming lolita-style gift ideas

Day 20- Look up the performance schedule for your local ballet

I did this and found that Scottish Ballet would be doing a new modern re-writing of Swan Lake which will come to Glasgow in April. I will be going with my best friend if we manage to get tickets when they go on sale.

Day 21- Doodle your current dream print

Stained Glass by Moitie is way beyond my drawing skills, so here’s a picture of it instead.

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