Saturday, 11 June 2016

365 Lifestyle Lolita Challenge- Week 7

Day 43- Doodle and Label the Top 5 Destinations You Would Like to Visit

I'd love to explore more of Scotland, particularly the islands. I have visited The Isle of Eigg in the Inner Hebrides. So to keep it to 5 (which was still very difficult!), here are some doodles of 5 other islands in the Inner Hebrides that I would love to visit:

1) Iona: This would be a pilgrimage for me, as it is known as the "Cradle of Christianity in Scotland" as it is where St Colombus first landed. I would love to visit the historical sites such as the bay, abbey, nunnery, well of eternal youth, Sìthean Mòr and Reilig Òdhrain. I'd also like to take little day trips from Iona to the Staffa Archipelagoand the Treshnish Isles to see the beautiful rock formations, Fingal's Cave and the wildlife, particularly puffins!

2) Mull for pony trekking, beautiful beaches and landscapes, and to see the six castles, the standing stones and the myriad of wildlife. I could also arrange for a day trip to Eileach an Naoimh to visit the monastery ruins which are the oldest ecclesiastical buildings in Scotland; and to Ulva to see Livingston's Croft and Cave, and to possibly catch a glimpse of the rare slender scotch burnet moth and many other beautiful fauna and flora.

3) Tiree for stargazing, wildlife, hill walking, and to see An Turas, Vaul Broch, the fort at Happy Valley, the rural centre and old mill, Temple Patrick, Kirkapol Chapels, Kilkenneth Chapel and the Ringing Stone and I could have a day-trip to Skerryvore to see the lighthouse.

4) Islay to visit the distilleries, the museum of Islay Life, the Bowmore Round Church, the RSPB Loch Gruinart Nature Reserve, the American Monument on the Oa, Kilnave Chapel & Cross, Kilchoman Churh and Military Graveyard, Finlaggan, Kildalton High Cross and old parish Church, The Natural History Centre, see the wildlife, attend an Alexander Technique class, to go horse riding and sea kayaking.

5) Eilean Shona for their arts and crafts workshops, paddle boarding and swimming in their clean waters, wildlife (particularly red squirrels!), stargazing and hill walking.

Day 44- Check out your Local Library’s Calendar of Events

My local library only does events for children and the elderly, so I looked at the nearby Glasgow Women’s Library in Bridgeton. One event for the month really caught my eye: Palestinian Embroidery; Empowering Women and Strengthening Communities (Workshops) and Women Making History in West Dunbartonshire. It focuses on the historical and cultural richness of Palestinian embroidery and teaching people traditional Palestinian embroidery techniques. I really wanted to attend, but I was in uni when it was running. Hopefully the workshop will return to the library later on.

Day 45- Share a Lolita Love Story

It was yet another dreary Scottish winter's day. I had been up since 6am and only got out of university at 5pm. I couldn't think when I last saw daylight. It had been a long day of classes and pre-lab work and lab work and post-lab work. The bus back into town was cramped, and then the bus home was late and also crammed with people. It took two hours for me to get home because of the traffic. I walked my weary bones through the front door, eager for some paracetamol-induced relief from my pounding headache.

But as I approached the living room, I saw something. A parcel? For me? It's here!

Handling the package as carefully as if it was an infant, I opened it slowly, battling my eagerness to tear it open. Savour the moment. Once opened, I slowly, slowly removed the contents.

Before my eyes was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen: Moi Meme Moitie's Stained Glass JSK in green. My dream dress was everything I had hoped for and more! The tiny details within the window panes were mesmerising, the colours were vivid and simplicity of the cut set it off perfectly. Tiredness forgotten, I rushed upstairs to try it on. It was a perfect fit! I spent the rest of the night coording the beauty. Two years later it is still my dream dress and I love it dearly.

Day 46- Learn a Parlour Game

I love parlour games; I used to play many as a child and even as an adult a lot of them are great ice breakers and add a little something special to a normal afternoon tea meet up. is a great blog with lots of different parlour games. One that I have never played before is Forefits:

"One person is chosen to leave the room. All the other guests must "forfeit" a special item that belongs to them. All of these items are placed in the center of the room and then the "auctioneer" is brought back in. He/she picks up an item and tries to describe it as one would an item about to be sold. In order not to forfeit the item, the owner must "fess-up" and do something amusing/embarrassing to win back the item (sing, dance, do an imitation, recitation, tell a clean joke, etc.)"

Day 47- Browse through antiques

This is something that I do during the holidays with my parents. We’ll head off to an antique centre to browse and have a nice lunch in the little bistro. I collect tea wares, faeries and perfume bottles. My first ever purchase was an Edwardian glass carafe.

Day 48- Compliment a coordinate post without too many comments

I do this pretty regularly. If I see a coord on CoF that I really like, I'll leave a comment, regardless of how many likes or comments they already have.

Day 49- Keep your posture in check 

I’m used to doing this every day because I used to do Taekwon-do and we would always be told off for slouching; good posture when sitting or standing is very important in showing respect to your teacher and to sparring partners.

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