Friday, 10 June 2016

365 Lifestyle Lolita Challenge- Week 6

Day 36- Re-Read a Favourite Childhood Story

My parents read me The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien several times when I was really little and I first read it for myself when I was 7 years old. To this day it is still one of my favourite books. I even wrote my Standard Grade English free-choice essay on The Hobbit; analysing the theme of the impacts of greed and selfishness on individuals and relationships. My dad owns these stunning fully illustrated copies of The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and the Silmarillion.

Day 37- Doodle a Lolita Friend

I'm really not good at drawing people. My friend drew a beautiful picture of me for my birthday though which I just have to share. You can see it on her blog here

Day 38- Share the love with a few heart-felt lolita valentine’s

I’m unsure about how to submit one, so I left nice comments on some CoF posts instead.

Day 39- Browse through dresses that were released when you started in lolita

This task has caused a wave of nostalgia to wash over me. I discovered lolita fashion in 2011 and bought my first items in 2012. After looking through 210 pages on lolibrary of 2012 releases, I’ve shared some of my favourites below that got me to pluck up the courage to become actively involved in the fashion.

Stained Glass Prints by Moi Meme Moitie, BTSSB and Haenuli are what really made me want to plunge into the fashion. I instantly fell in love with them and they are still my dream dresses. I currently own the one in top left hand corner, but I’m still searching for the others.

Other Prints. 2012 was a killer year for the big brands! They had so many stunning releases and it was difficult to narrow it down to 6. Meta’s Dim Lights OP is one of my two non-stained glass dream dresses. I’m a religious person and I adore religious art, symbols and architecture and seeing so many dresses that fit my aesthetic perfectly inspired me to stop being an admirer and take my first steps to becoming a lolita.

Non-print dresses. I really liked the look of the more simple non-print dresses, particularly when testing my confidence in the fashion. Seeing these designs are what sent me to Bodyline to buy some solid pieces as my first items to test the waters.

Day 40- Wear a Fragrance

I wear a fragrance most days because I thoroughly enjoy perfume. I love how the scent slightly changes as you go through the day and how the same fragrance can smell slightly different on different people as it interacts with our skin and natural scents/pheromones. My favourite kinds of perfumes tend to have musky and spicy notes. However, my current favourite is from Lush which is called Death and Decay (be still, my gothic heart!). It smells like lilies; one of my favourite flowers. It lasts for ages too as it’s a proper perfume so you only need four drops maximum and I can decant it into my perfume bottles.

Day 41- Learn a New Word

I learned a new word at university this week! Biophilia: the innate affinity of human beings with the natural world. It is a theory put forward by biologist E. O. Wilson to explain why humans seek out nature, feel so passionately about protecting it, and why there are numerous physical and mental health benefits to humans when we are in contact with nature.

Day 42- Wear Something by your Favourite Brand

I was in uni today and I really didn't feel like wearing a dress, so I took my Moitie handkerchief with me as a cheat.

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