Thursday, 9 June 2016

365 Lifestyle Lolita Challenge- Week 4

Day 22- Share a Favourite Book that other Lolitas May Like

I’m a goth, so this is going to be a gothic recommendation =P I thoroughly enjoyed reading Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux so I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys the musical and/or gothic literature.

Day 23- Learn about a Renegade Princess


I have now started reading the second book,
Dreaming the Bull. The first Book is called
Dreaming the Eagle which I have in paperback 
I’m currently reading a series of books by Manda Scott called Boudica, about the life of the warrior queen of the Eceni (pronounced eye-see-nee) tribe who led the rebellion of Celtic Britania against the Roman Empire. She united many Celtic tribes and slaughtered tens of thousands of Roman invaders, leaving gruesome calling cards wherever they went. She even burned down Roman-built cities, including Londinium (early London). 

I’ve just finished the first book detailing her early life and there are another three books to go. However, much of the book is fantasy as we know very little about this legendary woman because the Celts didn’t write. They passed down their history and teachings through songs and stories, so when the Celts were wiped out of England by various invasions, their history and culture was lost.

The bulk of what historians know about the woman with the wildfire hair is from Roman writings, so we only really know about the outcomes of battles and the Roman opinion of this brave woman. We don't even know what her real names was. Boudica (Celtic for 'Bringer of Victory') became her title after her warriors chanting it after her first victorious battle against the Romans. The fact that she was even mentioned at all shows how important and feared she was at the time as Romans believed women to be inferior to men and that women were incapable of fighting in wars, never mind leading armies! Nobody knows how she died, but after her army’s eventual defeat, there is no record of her being captured by the Romans, which they surely would have bragged about. She may have escaped or been killed in the battle. The books have been thoroughly researched and it has been really interesting to learn about what historians know of the culture of the Celtic people.  

Day 24- Wear Something with Lace

I like to wear my Sunday best, so I wore my purple lace dress to church. It's beautiful and modest as it goes below my knees and covers my shoulders, back, chest and stomach.

Day 25- Spare Some Time for an Indulgent Wash

I always make sure that I have at least one day a week to myself to thoroughly pamper myself. It really helps to wind out any tensions or stresses from the week and having anxiety. Today I used this amazing chocolate-scented bubble bath by Treacle Moon. I’m currently using Rosy Cheeks face mask by Lush which is fantastic for sensitive & combination skin. My skin tends to get red and sore with the howling Scottish winter wind and rain and this mask is so soothing and nourishing.

I like to light a candle or two and play some soothing music. This evening I used Black Coconut from Yankee candle and I listened to some Tchaikovsky because I’m really looking forward to possibly seeing Swan Lake in April. To treat my hair, I used Marylin from Lush to keep my blonde hair bright through the winter and Lush’s Volcano foot mask and hot oil hand mask are god-sends during the winter. Finally, I exfoliated my skin with Ocean Salt, my favourite from Lush; and I got to use my Coconut Island body butter from Treacle Moon that I was given as a Christmas gift. It went so well with the candle, the whole floor and I smell like a Bounty! <3

Day 26- Photograph Your Newest Lolita Purchase

My newest lolita purchase is a haul of hair acessorries from taobao. Here's my video review of them if you're interested: 

Day 27- Look up the Performance Schedule for your Local Orchestra

I’ve never been to see an orchestra performance before. I actually didn’t know that you could, I thought that you could only really hear orchestra performances at the theatre/opera/ballet. You learn something new every day! I’d love to go see a performance now.

Day 28- Learn How to Prepare a New Entrée

An entrée is a dish served at dinner between the principal courses, so between the starter and main course or between the main course and dessert. Of course if you’re having a very fancy meal there can be other courses such as salad and fish.

I made an entrée to transition the pallet from main course to dessert. It’s ridiculously simple to make: quarter some plums (remove the stone) and brush them with a mixture of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, rosemary and a dash of pepper. Grill for 3-5 minutes, turning half way through, and voila! A tasty half-way between savoury and sweet that will allow your taste buds to transition from main course to dessert. The best part is that it’s healthy! They are also a really tasty addition to a salad.

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