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365 Lifestyle Lolita Challenge- Week 2

Day 8- Share Your Favourite Local Lolita Haunts
Gosh, this could be a very long list. I’ve tried to keep it as short as possible!

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Tea Room- The Willow Tea Rooms. They were desgined by Charles Rennie MacIntosh so they are beautiful places to sit. The waiters and waitresses wear old-fashioned uniforms and the food is lovely. They have always been really accommodating to the comm as well which is great. 

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Bubble Tea Shop- Tempo. It’s very small, but it has a quirky interior, a wide variety of flavours and toppings and I personally think they are the most consistent with correctly cooking the tapioca pearls. It is also very close to two train stations, a taxi rank and several bus stops so it’s easy for everyone to get home afterwards. It is turning into a tradition that we end our meets with a trip to Tempo!

Glasgow University Library Blog 

Park- The Botanic Gardens. 
The flowers are stunning, there are plenty of benches to sit on and the indoor gardens are not far away should the unpredictable Scottish weather suddenly decide on rain. The indoor gardens are also beautiful. I adore the cacti!

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Art Gallery- I love the Hunterian Art Gallery as it has a mixture of older and modern paintings and it houses a reproduction of Charles Rennie MacIntosh’s home, with a lot of the original furnishings (Art Nouveau is one of my favourite styles). I also adore the St Mungo’s Museum of Religious Life and Art. Although I haven’t been with my comm yet, I love religious art. 

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Museum- There are far too many to choose from! I think specifically for lolita, I love the Riverside Museum as it has a little re-creation of a Victorian Highstreet and there are old-fashioned buses, trams, bicicyles, carraiges and steam trains which I think fit the lolita aesthetic perfectly.
Japanese Restaurant- Wudon. They have a great selection of food and drinks and they are very accommodating to large groups. There is a friendly atmosphere and the d├ęcor is nice. It was a close call between here & Ichiban, but Wudon wins because they have a larger selection of cocktails, food and they have a dessert menu! 

Quirky Location- The Science Centre. I’m studying science at university, this had to get a mention!

There is a random room on it's side in the Science Centre. We spent a good chunk of the last meet up at the science centre coming up with different silly poses for it, and this was mine! :D

This task has made me realise that we need to take more photos of the comm just enjoying the meets as well as outfit & group shots!

Day 9- Design a Coordinate Based on a Faerie Tale

I wore this coord to my comm’s winter ILD meet and I based it off of The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson. The only thing I’d change about this coord is my makeup. I tried contouring and false eyelashes and it didn’t turn out too good. I’ve since given up on contouring because I think the effect is too harsh. However, I found little half false eyelashes which work a lot better for my eyes than full sizes.

Day 10- Use Google Maps to See the Storefronts of Lolita Shops you would like to visit

I both love and find it creepy that you can view pretty much the entire world from google maps. It didn't really work that well though since a lot of lolita shops are within shopping centres.

Day 11- Learn How Lace is made

I found this interesting video by the Lace Guild Museum showing the basics of how bobbin and needle lace is made by hand. It’s amazing how much time goes into making even simple pieces. You can watch the video here:

Day 12- Eat Your Meals on the Nicest Dishes you own

An Edwardian charger plate and soup bowl, and a vintage 1950's cruet set.
We don't have fancy cutlery or dinner plates.
My family have the rule that our nicest dishes only come out at celebrations like birthdays, Christmas, Hogmany and Easter. They say that keeps them looking good and makes using them special. And since they are not my dishes, I can’t use them without their permission. So instead I had a cup of 1886 Whittard of Chelsea blend tea out of my beautiful Buchan ware tea cup and used my lovely Buchan ware milk jug.   

My Buchan-Ware Tea Cup, Saucer, Milk Jug and Sugar Bowl.
I don't take sugar in my tea, but it came with the milk jug.

Day 13- Read an Essay by Novela Takemoto

I ended up reading several essays in the livejournal archives. One that I really enjoyed is his “Rules on the Lolita” essay (originally published in GLB 23, but there is an English translation here because the base message to me is to be yourself. Forget about trends and dress in what makes you happy.

He also suggests that whilst there are basic rules to the fashion, they are not meant to restrict your creativity. Rather, they are the framework which helps you to shape your creativity around the lolita aesthetic. This is something that I think the Western lolita community tends to forget. Many people refuse to ever consider that something not strictly within the rules might actually work sometimes (they should just look at 90% of meta’s releases!) Finally, he also emphasises the importance of the frame of mind of being a lolita, you shouldn’t feel ashamed about wanting to feel like a beautiful princess in your clothing. My favourite lines are the final three:

“Sew frills onto the hem of your heart!
Put a tiara on top of your soul!
Have pride.” 

Day 14- Determine Your Lolita Style in 5 Words

Basilica, Stained Glass, Dark faerie-tale (ok, I know using the hyphen is technically cheating!) 

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